Using our TRW Rhinestone fonts is such an easy way to customize names on shirts! You can use any vinyl cutter to cut the Rhinestone Templates, including Cameo and Cricut! Even the Cricut Joy can cut these templates.

Simply cut the SF version of our Rhinestone fonts (Sticky Flock —our old name for Magic Flock template material) and rearrange the letters like Scrabble tiles. Customizing names this way not only saves you time, but also saves materials, since you do not need to cut out multiple individual names from Magic Flock 12"x15' Foot Roll - Bonus Bundle. We recommend cutting doubles of all vowels and common letters that may repeat in a name. (Example: double A, S and L for Vassallo). To store the reusable templates, simply put them on the back of the plastic protective backing from the Acrylic Rhinestone Hotfix Tape.  This keeps them clean and safe, ready for the next time you need them!

If you are interested in trying out rhinestones before diving in to starting a full business, check out our Rhinestone T-shirt Sample Kit! This has enough materials for you to make a few shirts with 30 gross of hotfix Crystal Korean Low Lead rhinestones and 2 feet of Magic Flock template material, a small rhinestone brush and tweezers.  If you are looking to jump-start a Custom Rhinestone TShirt Business, the Rhinestone T-Shirt Crafting - Starter Kit includes 5 free Rhinestone Fonts, the very popular Entrepreneur Rhinestone Pack, a variety of Crystal and popular colors of Korean Low Lead hotfix ss10 rhinestones plus 5 free Minipacks (artwork/designs) of your choice.