Decorating masks with hotfix rhinestones is fun and can be very profitable and done fairly quickly using a craft vinyl cutter and the tips and tricks learned from The Rhinestone World.

You can use our Rhinestone True Type fonts to design in any software or choose from our thousands of rhinestone designs to customize apparel.  For the masks in this previously recorded Live training, we used the files in the Funny Face Mask - Rhinestone Design Download. These designs come with cdr, eps, svg, pdg, ai, png and Crafter svg files separated out and ready to use!  Upload the rhinestone design to your vinyl cutter's software program to send the cut to your vinyl cutter.

When prepping a rhinestone design to be cut, it's most important to size the holes to fit the rhinestones you will be using. We use the following measurements for hotfix rhinestones:
ss06 = .1"

Unlike vinyl, you cannot stretch or shrink a rhinestone design, as the holes will no longer be properly sized to fit the rhinestones.  The only way to change the overall size of a rhinestone design is to use a different sized stone and stretch or shrink the template to fit those rhinestones.  For this training and these rhinestone mask designs, we used Hot-Fix Diamond Cut SS10 Rhinestones or you can choose Hot-Fix Korean 5A Low Lead SS10 Rhinestones.

To cut the template, peel the protective backing from our Magic Flock Template Material and place directly on your sticky mat. If you use a Graphtec CE7000-60 Cutter w/ Stand or other vinyl cutter which does not need a cutting mat, simply load the Magic Flock into your vinyl cutter, fuzzy side up. Create a custom setting to cut the Magic Flock in your software. We have our recommended Cut Specs shared under our Frequently Asked Questions section on the website. For the Cameo machines, we reccomend: a Blade Depth of 6, Force 30, Speed 10 and 2 cuts or double cut. For the Cricut machines, we recommend 350 pressure, Fine Point Blade, Single Cut and when prompted by Design Space, choose More for pressure.

After you cut your template, peel the Magic Flock template off of your sticky mat. To scrape off the tiny dots, we use a Vinyl Squeegee Ruler.
Pour the hotfix rhinestones onto your template and brush them into the template using a Rhinestone Brush - Monster. The rhinestones will fall in right side up. If any are upside down, simply brush a small pile of rhinestones over the template and then use straight lines to brush away the excess. The rhinestones will right themselves in the template.

Use a piece of Acrylic Rhinestone Hot-Fix Transfer Tape 12", form into a U shape and drop the tape straight down onto your design. Rub your hands across the tape to pick up all the rhinestones. You have just made a rhinestone transfer!
If your design has more than one color of rhinestone, we use our Parchment Paper hack to help align the rhinestones on the Acrylic Rhinestone Hotfix tape to the second template of rhinestones. The Parchment paper will keep the tape from picking up any rhinestones until you've lined up your design. Create a hinge on one side with your tape, lift the tape to remove the parchment and drop your tape back down to pick up the second color of rhinestones.

When pressing rhinestones to any garment, you need consistent, even heat and pressure. Masks pose a tricky problem, as the seams are bulky and pressing pillows are often too big to fit properly.  We use Craft Foam we order from Amazon to cut a custom form to fit inside the mask for pressing. This not only stretches out the fabric to prevent wrinkles, it provides a nice, flat surface to provide the needed pressure to adhere hotfix rhinestones.

Press ss10 and ss06 rhinestones at 325 degrees F for 15 seconds. You want to get the heat from your platen all the way through the rhinestone to liquify the heat activated adhesive disc on the back of the rhinestone.  After pressing, simply peel the Acrylic hotfix tape, remove the foam form from inside the mask and you are ready to sell your awesome mask and make bank!