How to set up rhinestone png In Design Space
For large tumble warp files

Upload Design

Design Space is limited on the size of files that it can bring in as an SVG file, so we've created the tumbler body as a PNG file. You'll upload this as a cut file.

Click on the "Upload" Button on the left bottom corner then click "Upload Image" to upload your PNG image.
upload design

Image Type

Select simple for your image typeimage type

Add to Canvas

Select the image you just uploaded and add it to your canvas.add to canvas


Design Space brings these files in HUGE. Select the PNG and change the width size to 13.4resize

Select Square

Click on the Shapes tool on the left toolbar in Design Space. Select a rectangle or square. Unlock it's square

Cover the Design

Click and drag the shape to be big enough to cover one of the templates in this design. (We like to change the rectangle color to make it easier to see). Use the Arrange tool to send it to the back, so you can see that you have just the template covering the rectangle. cover design

Slice the Design

Select the rectangle and the full design (or Shift + left click on the layers) and hit Slice in the lower corner of Design Space. slice

Delete Extras

You'll have duplicate 'images' or slices when you do this, move them apart from each other and delete the extras. Now, the template is separate from the PNG. delete extra

Repeat for other Templates

Repeat the slicing process for each of the templates in your design. Create a square or rectangle, unlock dimensions, change it's color so you can see it against the dark template easier. Use ARRANGE to send it to the back layer so you can see that you are only slicing off one of the templates from the grouping. Select the templates and the rectangle, hit Slice. Delete your extra copies. Your templates are ready for cut.cut template