Creating Rhinestone shirts with your vinyl cutter is something that can be so satisfying AND much easier than you probably think. We are exited to release the new Love You - Rhinestone Design Download - Mini Pack with 6 fun and flirty rhinestone designs!

The materials needed to create these Valentine's shirts are:

A plotter/vinyl cutter (Cameo or Cricut are good beginner machines. We prefer Cameo due to their software.)

Magic Flock template material

ss10 Hotfix Rhinestones.
Korean Low Lead hotfix rhinestones are pretty and a nice, economical rhinestone.
Diamond-Cut hotfix rhinestones are our Premium, machine-cut rhinestones. Their sparkle is breathtaking and they are priced accordingly. If you use Diamond Cut for any project, that project should be priced higher for your end-user.

A Rhinestone Brush - Shurline paint paddles can be found at most Lowe's stores or Walmart.

Acrylic Hotfix Tape to lift your rhinestone design and align to your blank shirt.

Ideally, a heat press. The Pink Craft Heat Press is an excellent beginner heat press sized just right to travel with you to events or even Craft Nights with your friends!

To create these awesome shirts, simply download the mini pack from your My Account > My Items page on The Rhinestone World website. The designs come with many different file types, including svg, ai and even a Crafter File which uploads to Cricut's Design Space faster. If using the Crafter File, after uploading to Design Space, first Ungroup all templates from the text and then resize each template to the dimensions listed above them. This will ensure the holes in the template are properly sized for ss10 rhinestones within Design Space.

Cut the rhinestone portion of the design in Magic Flock template material. The fuzzy texture helps when you’re brushing rhinestones into the design. Your holes for ss10 rhinestones need to be .135" so the stones fit properly in your template. If you are using a cutting mat, peel the paper backing off of the Magic Flock and stick the template material directly to your mat. The sticky mat will help weed out the dots after you're finished cutting the template. If you are not using a mat, leave the protective paper backing on the Magic Flock. After you cut the design into the Magic Flock, you’ll peel off the paper backing and if your cut settings are correct, there will be lots of little blue dots left behind and your flock will have the design cut out of it. If you have any dots that have not weeded out perfectly, simply put your template sticky side down on a table and press across it firmly with your hands or a squeegee. Then, peel from one corner and the dots will stay behind. Repeat as necessary to remove all of the dots from your rhinestone template.

Now, you are ready to start brushing in your hotfix rhinestones! Place the flock on a smooth hard surface (you can use a large chalkboard that you can carry around or a large table) pour a good-sized pile of the rhinestones onto the template and brush them in with the paint paddle. Using more rhinestones than you'll need for the design helps with brushing them in. Use small round strokes to get the holes filled in. If you see any rhinestones that are flipped over, just brush a small pile of stones over the upside-down rhinestones and repeat with brushing in small circles. The shape of the rhinestones, the fibers of the Magic Flock Template material, and the fuzzy fibers of the rhinestone brush all work together to flip the rhinestones right side up. When the template is filled, brush in straight lines to get the excess stones off.
Use heat-resistant Acrylic Rhinestone Hotfix tape to lift the design and now you've made a Rhinestone Transfer.

Ss10 hotfix rhinestones typically press at 325 degrees F for 15 seconds. Properly applied hotfix rhinestones can go through the washer and dryer with no problems. Please avoid using Fabric Softeners, as these chemicals can interfere with the adhesion of your heat-applied materials.

A quality heat press is the most important part of your business. You need to have consistent pressure and even heat. We highly recommend getting an Infrared thermometer to accurately read the temperature coming off of your heated platen. This useful tool is not sold by The Rhinestone World, but we use them every day and have them linked under Products we Love from Amazon.

  The Rhinestone World hosts weekly Live trainings to help guide you through the process of creating unique items with your vinyl cutter and either grow your business or simply increase your skill level!