Layering 5 Different Vinyl Color to Make 10 Decals

In this video we show you how to easily layer multi color decals in bulk, save time and material

How to Make Mutli Dec Rhinestone Butterfly Decal

DIY Project where you can make a stunning multi color rhinestone and glitter heat transfer butterfly decal for your car or any accessory using your vinyl cutter.

Using Magic Foil To Create Totally Awesome Projects!

You have tried craft vinyl and heat transfer vinyl but have you tried using craft foil? In this blog you will learn creative ways to use Magic Foil and turn Craft Project into something amazing.

National Wine Day Project Kit!

Happy National Wine Day!  Here is a list of everything you will need to complete this awesome Wine Project! Whether you want to make a beautiful one of a kind wine bag for a gift or send a happy greeting to your bestie! 

Matt's 10 Key Tricks to Brushing in Rhinestones

In these quick one minute tutorials learn five tricks from a professional on how to brush rhinestones in quickly!

Learn How Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl Works

Learn How color changing adhesive vinyl works

Silhouette Studio Version Comparison Chart

Features Basic Edition Designer Edition Designer+ Edition Business Edition Create Designs and Send to Silhouette X X X X Basic Design and Text Tools X X X X Manipulation Tools: Move, Rotate, Scale, Align, Replicate X

Making & Pricing Vinyl Decals for your Business to be Profitable | Live

Free Online Training video from TRW - Learn how to start a profitable business making custom shirts, stickers and decals using craft vinyl and a standard cutter. Guide to pricing your products to be profitable.

How to Protect your Vinyl Tumbler Creations with ColorSpark Vinyl Shield

Learn how to protect you new custom tumbler using Colorspark Vinyl Shield.

Creating Custom Name Tumbler With ColorSpark Reflective and Temperature Color Changing Vinyl

In this viral video we show you how to make a two color decal with ColorSpark Reflective and Temperature Color Changing Vinyl for your tumbler. Add cold water to see the color change.

CorelDRAW Shortcut Keys

Using Keyboard Short-Cuts In CorelDRAW X3 Posted on You can use keyboard shortcuts (also known as hotkeys) to quickly activate many menu commands and tools in CorelDRAW® X3. The keyboard shortcut for a menu command

Vinyl Crafts with a Cricut Cutter

STARTING WITH A CRICUT Craft cutters open a whole world of possibilities to the wonderful items you can make!  From car window decals to rhinestone templates to sewing patterns, there are tons of things you can do with a Cricut !

How To Make A Full Starbucks Rhinestone Tumbler No Hand Placing

Bling-out your tumbler and learn how to with our tutorial on making a full rhinestone wrap for your Starbucks tumbler.

Make A Two-Color Rhinestone Transfer in Two Minutes!

Learn how to make 2 color rhinestone transfer under 2 minutes.

How to Make Rhinestone Shirts and Window Decals | Live 5/3/21

In this free online training video, you will learn how to make rhinestone shirts and window decals. Video from 5/3/21 Live on YouTube with Matt at The Rhinestone World.