How to make a Rhinestone Custom Name Tumbler

Step instructions on how to create your custom name in rhinestone using TRW stone 1 shadow font for Cameo users, and tutorial how to cut and apply the custom decal on tumbler.

Tumblers that fit TRW Templates

All the tumbler and sizes that fits trw templates. Your favorite cheat sheet to find out all the TRW design templates we offer on our site and its correct tumbler size.

How to make a Rhinestone Cup with Glitter HTV

Step by Step How to Make a Full Rhinestone Tumbler with Glitter HTV

Using HTV Anything to Make Custom Name Tumbler

Easy to learn tutorial by using HTV Anything to make Custom Name Tumbler.

Custom Name Tumbler Using ColorSpark UV Magic Adhesive Permanent Vinyl

Use ColorSpark UV Magic permanent adhesive vinyl to make your next product stand out from the crowd. This material changes color when exposed to sunlight. UV magic can be cut on all vinyl cutters such as the Cricut, Cameo, or Graphtec

How to Protect your Vinyl Tumbler Creations with ColorSpark Vinyl Shield

Learn how to protect you new custom tumbler using Colorspark Vinyl Shield.

How To Make A Full Starbucks Rhinestone Tumbler No Hand Placing

Bling-out your tumbler and learn how to with our tutorial on making a full rhinestone wrap for your Starbucks tumbler.

How To Make Your Own Tumbler Cup Holder

Tutorial on how to make your own tumbler cup holder.

Create Offset Custom Names in Cricut Design Space Using TRW Super Shadow Font

How to create offset custom names in Cricut Design Space using TRW Super Shadow Script font.

How to make a dishwasher safe GLITTER tumbler decal using COLORSPARK HTV ANYTHING

Learn how to use ColorSpark HTV Anything to make a Glitter decal that is dishwasher safe for your tumbler!

Make a custom tumbler using Colorspark Purple Mermaid and White Reflective vinyl

Learn how to custom your tumbler with Colorspark new adhesive vinyl Purple Mermaid pattern and White Reflective vinyl.

How to Layer a 2-color Tumbler Cup with ColorSpark Adhesive Vinyl

Laying technique to make a 2 color tumbler and step by step tutorial