Guide to make a custom shirt from start to finish

Detailed explanation and tutorial for beginners

Material used in the video

GCC Expert 24

GCC Expert 24 cutter

Heat Press

Heat Press

Magic Weed Edge

Magic Weed Edge

Chicks Dig The Long Ball - SVG Design Download

.SVG design

Easyweed Black

EasyWeed Black HTV

Easyweed Silver lens

EasyWeed Silver lens HTV

Cover Sheet


step 1

Step 1

Open your .SVG design with CorelDRAW.

Required software
Corel Draw
TRW Wizard

step 2

Step 2

Highlight the design and open your TRW Wizard software and click: Template-> Create TRW Magic Template
Newer Wizard version find
Template->TRW Magic Separator

step 3

Step 3

Highlight both designs with yellow box and mirror them.

step 4

Step 4

Ctrl+C to copy your first design and Crtl+V to paste it on GreatCut - a software for your cutter.

step 5

Step 5

While highlighting the design, click "a" to rotate it and set it ready for cut.

Recommended cut settings:
Pressure 50
Speed 60

step 6

Step 6

Load your EasyWeed Black vinyl to the cutter, feed the shiny side downward, dull side upward.

step 7

Step 7

Go back to your GreatCut and click on "Read material" then click "output" to cut.

step 8

Step 8

Trim your design from the vinyl roll and bring it to your work area. 

step 9

Step 9

Load your silver lens vinyl to the cutter, have your design ready for cut then cut. (Basically repeat the steps from 4-7)

step 10

Step 10

Weed your designs.

step 11

Step 11

Set up your heat press to 305 °F. Place your first design on the T-shirt and press it for 3 sec.

step 12

Step 12

Remove carrier sheet.

step 13

Step 13

Line up your second design.

step 14

Step 14

Add cover sheet on top of the design then press for full 15 sec.

step 15

Step 15

Remove carrier sheet and you are done.