TRW Magic Weed Edge

Vinyl Weeding Tool

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Just like magic! Weed even the most intricate vinyl designs perfectly every time with the TRW Magic Weed Edge!

  • The Magic Weed Edge has a sharp curved tip for easy and precise weeding at lightning speed.
  • This is an essential weeding tool for anyone working with HTV, Craft, or Adhesive Vinyl.
  • TRW Magic Weed Edge fits comfortable in your hand and the textured grip gives you maximum control while weeding.
  • Stainless steel construction and a fine point allow you to easily grab even the tiniest pieces of vinyl material.

Have questions? Need craft ideas? TRW's blog has 100's of video tutorials, how-to guides, craft ideas and expert tips for working with vinyl and rhinestones.

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Save 30% when you buy tools in this kit versus individually. With tools for rhinestones AND vinyl, you'll be grabbing for these tools non-stop.
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