GCC Expert II 24" Cutter

GCC Expert II 24" Cutter

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The GCC Expert II Cutter is perfect for home crafters and professional sign makers alike.

  • The 24 in wide Expert II cutting plotter offers an optimum cutting speed of up to 27.8 inches per second, up to 350 grams of cutting force and 3 meter tracking.
  • The Expert II includes a “one click” Windows driver that allows vinyl designers to edit design files in CorelDraw-Software and Adobe Illustrator then output the file directly into the Expert Cutting Plotter.
  • The included Handy Grooved cut-off tool allows you to cut off a finished job in a straight line, easily reducing the possibility of wasted material.
  • The Expert II comes with a stable drum that can guarantee 3 meter tracking to ensure quality outputs and saves you from wasted material costs.
  • This machine supports dual-port connectivity with USB serial ports.
  • For Mac Computer Users: The software and drivers that come with this cutter are not guaranteed to be compatible, even if you are operating Parallels or Bootcamp. GCC Recommends Mac Users download the Sure Cuts A Lot Software instead of the GreatCut Software Included. 

Included in this kit
  • (1) 24 inch GCC Expert II Cutter (Model EX II-24)
  • 2 Free Mini Pack SVG-Design Download Files - (Multiple Design-Pack options to cheese from)
  • GCC Software included - GreatCut Vinyl Cutting Software
  • (1) Desktop Support Brackets
  • AC Power Cord
  • (1) Cutting Strip
  • USB & Serial Cables
  • Tweezers
  • Paper slicer

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