Have you ever looked at new material and wondered, "How do I cut this with my vinyl cutter? Is this like decal vinyl where the force is lighter? Or is this one of those tricky vinyls like Glitter HTV that can be a bear to weed if you don't have a nice sharp blade or if you forgot to change those cut specs? While we do recommend always doing test cuts to be sure you have your specs dialed in correctly, how do you even know where to begin?

In this recorded Live tutorial, Matt from The Rhinestone World will demonstrate how to find a good cut force and blade depth with your Silhouette Cameo 4 ColorSpark HTV Starter Kit using our ColorSpark Opal Heat Transfer Vinyl and ColorSpark Reflective Adhesive Vinyl. The ColorSpark Vinyl Shield 5ft Roll is a great way to protect your Adhesive Vinyl projects and even give protection against weather and water!