Have you ever wanted to start your own business? In this training, recorded Live, Matt from The Rhinestone World teaches how to get started in the Custom Apparel industry. Sharing tips and tricks learned from years in the production side of the business, we will teach you some of the best practices and ways to get started and which items have the best margins to grow your business.

We use ColorSpark Permanent Adhesive Vinyl with FDC AT65 High Tack Application Tape 1 Foot x 300 Feet for our decals. To protect them, our ColorSpark Vinyl Shield 5ft Roll is cut with a contour and applied over the top of the decal. This makes the decals waterproof and it includes a UV protectant built right in!

When building your rhinestone business, our Rhinestone T-Shirt Super Bundle with Artwork - Sale includes everything needed to start creating rhinestone tshirts and these rhinestone fonts work in all software, including Cricut's Design Space!  The Magic Flock 12" Wide (Sold-by-Foot) can easily be cut with any vinyl cutter. The most important thing to note when creating rhinestone templates, is that the holes of the template must be sized slightly larger than the actual rhinestone so the Hot-Fix Diamond Cut SS10 Rhinestones or Hot-Fix Korean 5A Low Lead SS10 Rhinestones may be brushed in and fall in right side up properly. Use Acrylic Rhinestone Hot-Fix Transfer Tape 12" to lift your rhinestone design from your template  -  you have now made a Rhinestone Transfer, which you can press to a shirt or press to ColorSpark Bling Anything Decal Material to create a rhinestone decal.