Have you ever wanted to use your Rhinestone designs to make spangle-type items? Or decorate baby items with sparkle? You CAN! Cut the rhinestone design out of  ColorSpark Soft Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl - SilverColorSpark Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl or ColorSpark Opal Heat Transfer Vinyl and press to your blank apparel as any other htv.  This is a great option if you'd like to decorate items for babies, young children or other situations where you would not want to use hotfix rhinestones. We call this process Baby Bling! It's cost effective and since you can stretch or shrink designs that will be cut from heat transfer vinyl, you are able to make some adjustments to size, unlike how a rhinestone design would be "set in stone" and couldn't be adjusted for size. If you have ever wanted to know how to make customized shirts yourself, this is the tutorial for you! With this free training, we will show you how to get started, from designing in the software for your vinyl cutter, editing your design, getting it cut ready and sending the design to your vinyl cutter. Press your rhinestone transfer to your blank shirt at the specified time and temp as stated by the manufacturer of the htv you choose to use. Always double check if your heat transfer vinyl is a warm or cool peel.