Making a T-shirt using magiC UV Color changing




heat press

Heat Press

uv magic color changing

UV Magic Color Changing Vinyl

soft holographic

Silver Soft Holographic Vinyl

magic weed edge

Magic Weed Edge

magic tape

Magic Tape

cover sheets

Cover Sheet

beach vibes

.SVG design


uv color change t-shirt s1

Step 1

Load vinyl in cutter and cut.

Cut Settings
uv color change t-shirt s2

Step 2

Weed out all the vinyl colors.

uv color change t-shirt s3

Step 3

For the diamond shape, use silver soft holographic vinyl for a shiny diamond effect.

uv magic color tshirt s4

Step 4

Set heat press to 290°F place the cover sheet on top and press the first color for 6-8 secs.

uv magic color change t-shirt s5

Step 5

Peel off backing when the temperature is still warm.

uv magic color change s6

Step 6

Layer the second color vinyl place the cover sheet on top and press for 6-8 secs.

uv magic color change s7

Step 7

Use magic heat tape if the adhesive on the vinyl backing is not strong to hold the design in place.

uv magic color change s8

Step 8

Repeat step 4 to 6 until all layers are done.