Frequently Asked Questions - TRW Design Wizard

  1. Once you purchase the TRW Design Wizard from the TRW Store, the download file will appear in your order history in your TRW Account.
  2. Once you navigate to the order in which you purchased the Wizard, download the PDF file and then follow the link inside it and select direct download from dropbox.
  3. Double click the .exe file and the TRW Design Wizard will begin installing.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions on the following installation screen.
  5. A dialog box will appear with installation options for the TRW Design Wizard. Be sure to check the box to the left of the TRW Design Wizard v5!
  6. Click Install.
  7. After going through this setup you will need to refer to the next question below in order to get the icon in your CorelDRAW.
Video Tutorial: Wizard 5.0 Download and Install Instructions

  1. The video below will show you how to import the TRW Toolbar into CorelDRAW.
  2. Once you have installed the toolbar, Right click the toolbar area in CorelDRAW, and then select Customize > Workspace > Import.
  3. Navigate to your documents folder and look for the TRWDesignWizard folder (typically found in the following file path: This PC > OS (C:) > Users > (you) > Documents > TRWDesignWizard.
  4. Look for the toolbars folder, then select the toolbar that corresponds with the version of CorelDRAW you are using.
Video Tutorial: How to Import the TRW Toolbar into CorelDRAW

  1. After you get the Wizard toolbar installed into your CorelDRAW, you may be met with a popup telling you that the version is un-activated.
  2. In order to activate your new TRW Design Wizard, click on activate and enter your full name as shown on your account as well as the email on your account and the order number (Ex: AB-123456).
  3. Once all of this is entered, you should be able to click get serial number online and a serial number will be created for you. Once this is created you can click activate.
  4. Should you have problems with this, please submit your information to this link:

Video Tutorial: Wizard 5.0 Activation

  1. The best way to fix a grayed-out TRW Design Wizard icon is by modifying CorelDRAW, which will re-write and repair the program, including any macros that have been installed.
  2. Modify CorelDRAW by going to your computer’s Control Panel and select “Uninstall a Program” in the Programs and Features tab.
  3. From this list, you will need to find your version of CorelDRAW and select "uninstall/change".
  4. This will take you to the modify screen and allow you to amend the program.
  5. After modifying, be sure to re-run the TRW Design Wizard to make sure the macro has been properly installed.

Video Tutorial: Fixing a Greyed out TRW Design Wizard Button