Using TRW Design Wizard to Create Rhinestone Design Knock Outs and Design Mock Ups

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Rhinestone Designs

Outline Fill Tutorial

Create Rhinestone Outline 1

Step 1

Type any text.

Create Rhinestone Outline 2

Step 2

Open TRW Live Template Editor
Window->Dockers->TRW Live Template Editor.

Create Rhinestone Outline 3

Step 3

In the TRW Live Template Editor, edit the number in Magic Boundary box to fit with your text then click on the "Magic Boundary" button. Use CTRL+Z to undo if the boundary is too thick or too thin. 

Create Rhinestone Outline 4

Step 4

Once you are satisfy how the boundary box look, double click on the gray area and remove all the inner holes.

Create Rhinestone Outline 5

Step 5

There are many ways to create a rhinestone outline, in this design we will use the "Magic" tab in the TRW Design Wizard and click on "Stone Outline with Contour"

Create Rhinestone Outline 6

Step 6

Depending on how you want your design to look, you can delete the outline and select the design expect the rhinestones and click "Back minus front"

Create Rhinestone Outline 7

Step 7

Change the color of your design and select the entire design, go to "Mock up Tab in TRW Design Wizard and click "Simulate Stones"

Create Rhinestone Outline 8

Step 8

Small tip to calculate the price per product. Select the entire design and click the dollar symbol to check the cost for the materials. 

Knock Out Tutorial

Create a Design

Create a text design or any other design.

know out 1

Contour knock out

Add a clipart on top of the text design and go to the "Edit" tab, adjust the knock out number and click "KO"

know out 2

Stone knock out

With the same design, highlight the entire design click on the "Magic" tab and click "Stone Knockout" 

know out 3


Select one rhinestone and click "Select Same Size" to get all of the stones selected. then use "Merge overlapping stones" and adjust stones by hand if needed.

know out 4


Build In Mock Ups

mock up 1

Apply Mock up on a design

Highlight the entire design and click on the mockup you would want to use. In the "Mock Ups" tab -> Quick products-> Choose which "Folder" and "Product" you would like.

mock up 2

Create Quick Proof

After choosing your template, click on the template thumbnail to Create Quick Proof.

mock up

Changing Colors

Within the mockup, you are able to change to color of the t-shirt by selecting the t-shirt and clicking on any color, you can also edit the colors of the design by selecting the specific parts of the design.

Create Custom Mock Ups

custom mock up

Insert a JPEG

Find a mockup you would like to use and insert the image in CorelDraw. Recommended to use an image with white background.

custom mock up

Create Contour

In the "M. Creator" tab, in the "Auto Boundary Tracer" adjust the "Inside Contour" then click "Create Auto Boundary". After that, manually edit the parts if needed.

custom mock up

Cut Out Color Change

Select/highlight the entire design and In the "M. Creator" tab, click " Cut Out Color Change Mock Up"

custom mock up

Changing Colors

Select the mock up and click on a color, you are now able to change the mock up colors.

custom mock up

Creating the Mock Up

Estimate a design width and add it in the box, then click "Create Design Placement". A red box will appear, edit the box to fit with the mock up.

custom mock up

Adding New Folder

Click on "Add New Folder" and name the folder "Pillow" and the name "Throw".

custom mock up

Custom Product

Select all the components (Ctrl+A) and click on "Save Custom Product". The file will now be forever in your mock ups.

custom mock up

Test your mock up

Find a design and apply it to your mock up using the same steps on how a build in mock up is created.