What is Magic Flock?

Magic Flock is a game changer for creating rhinestone designs

Magic Flock

  • Magic Flock is a self-adhesive, velvety material perfect for cutting rhinestone templates with any craft cutter. It is the only adhesive template material that is fully customizable and stackable for easy multi-color or size rhinestone designs.
  • Magic Flock's thinness allows you to easily cut the material with your vinyl cutter, creating less wear and tear on your cutter and blade overtime.  Its sticky adhesive backing allows your template to be used and reused. The fine fibers covering TRW's Magic Flock prompt the stones to brush into their perspective holes right-side-up every time, so you won't have to adjust them by hand.
  • Cut, brush, and press your rhinestone designs with ease. The TRW blue flock material provides the perfect contrast between your stones and your template. 

How to use Magic Flock?

Cut magic flock material

Cut Template

Remove the backing and stick the magic flock on the cutting mat. In your design software, select a design ready for cut. Set your vinyl cutter to the correct cut setting, load magic flock and cut.

Check out RECOMMENDED CUT SETTINGS for different vinyl cutters
Stick Magic flock on table

Stick Template on Table

Peel out the magic flock from the cutting mat and stick it on the table.
Use a squeegee to clean out the magic flock dots sticking on the cutting mat.

brush rhinestones on magic flock

Brush Rhinestones on

Use a monster brush with larger brush areas and brush a large amount of rhinestones on the template. 

Check out Blog page on tips and trick how to brush rhinestones

Tips to maintain your Magic Flock template for next time use

- Magic Flock template could be reuse for many times, keep it after first time use.
- Always use a clean surface when sticking the magic flock on the table.
- Slowly peel the magic off the table without stretching the cut circles too much.
- Stick the magic flock template behind the hot-fix tape backing and put it away.