What are TRW Line Adjustable Fonts?

TRW Line Adjust fonts are designed to be a single line text for creating custom rhinestone fonts more easily. With the help of TRW Wizard Design Software, it will trace the text line and turn it into rhinestones. There is no limit on how big the text can go, but it's recommended to start with font size with 200pt for readability.

Currently available Adjustable Fonts on the website are:
TRW 501 Line Adjustable Script Font
TRW 503 Basic Line Adjustable Font 
TRW 5050 Script Adjustable Font


SYstem requirements


  • Microsoft Windows 10/8/8.1
  • Windows 7 or Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit editions)

Silhouette Business Edition

  • The font is not created for Silhouette but it is working with it.
  • Version 4.4

TRW Wizard + CorelDRAW

  • TRW Design Wizard versions: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 Pro 
  • Compatible CorelDRAW version

Tutorial - Using TRW Wizard design

Type Your Text

Type Your Text

Install the font you downloaded, select the font "TRW 503 Basic Line Adjustable" and type any text.


Resize Your Text

Highlighted your text and change the point size at least bigger than 200pt.

Single Line

Single Line Button

With your text selected, find the "Single Line" button in your TRW Wizard Design and " RIGHT Click"

clear path

Clear Path

After creating rhinestones on the line, the path of the lines are still showing in the text, find the "clear path" button, select the entire text and left click on it.


Mark Overlapping Stones

Select the entire text again and left click on the "Mark top overlapping stones red" button to find any overlapping errors in the design.


Adjust Stones positions

Zoom closer to the design and edit each stone by hand. Moving them apart from each other, and not overlapping them. Then you are done and ready for cut.

Different Font Sizes Result

Using different font sizes it will change the number of stone included in the design, the smaller the size the less stone is needed to create the text.

different size


Creating 2-Row Font Tutorial

space out

Space out letters

Use the Text Spacing to space out the text before creating the stone lines.

edit setting

Edit Setting

Set the Islands to 1 and select "Outside", check mark "Add Stones" 
Edit the contour Spacing to 0.05 then left click "Island Fill"
If the stones are too close to each other, play around with these settings and add a few digits to expand the spacing.

clean up

Clean up

Clear the lines and select overlapping mask, fix anywhere the stones are overlapping each other. Then you are done.

Tutorial - Using Silhouette Studio

type text

Type Text

Use the Type tool and type your text then change the font to an adjustable TRW font, change the size of the font to 200pt-300pt.

rhinestone create

Rhinestone Feature

Go to Panels-> Rhinestones. 
Select your font and click "Edge"

clean up

Clean up

If you are displease with some stones, you can manually edit each stone. Click "Release Rhinestones" You can manually edit each stone.