Do you like sparkly things? How about fancy, rhinestone shirts? In the store, a full-rhinestone shirt can easily cost upwards of $100-$200. If you have ever wanted to know how to make rhinestone shirts yourself, this is the tutorial for you! With this free training, we will show you how to get started, from designing in the software for your vinyl cutter, editing your design, getting it cut ready and sending the design to your vinyl cutter. Load your Magic Flock 12"x15' Foot Roll - Bonus Bundle to your vinyl cutter. This specialty material allows you to brush the Hot-Fix Diamond Cut SS10 Rhinestones into the Magic Flock template quickly and have the rhinestones flip right side up when brushing a small pile of rhinestones over the top.  Do NOT mirror designs when using Magic Flock. We show you how to brush in your rhinestones, then brush away the excess and pick up the design with Acrylic Rhinestone Hot-Fix Transfer Tape 12". You've now made a rhinestone transfer. Press your rhinestone transfer to your blank shirt at 325 degrees F for 15 seconds with Medium-Firm pressure. 

The Rhinestone World carries both Korean Low Lead and our premium Diamond Cut hotfix rhinestones in multiple sizes. SS10 is the most commonly used size and we offer Quantity Discount Pricing when you order 2 or more packs of the same stone quality and size, plus allow you to mix and match colors in the packs you order, to help you save even more! We also have Rhinestone Starter Kits, at discounted prices. Our Rhinestone T-shirt Sample Kit with enough materials for you to make a few T-Shirts up to our Rhinestone T-Shirt Crafting Business Starter Kit with enough materials to launch a Rhinestone TShirt business!