TRW Design Wizard 5.0 Pro Upgrade (from Version 4.0)

TRW Design Wizard 5.0 Pro Upgrade (from Version 4.0)

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Upgrade your Wizard 4.0 Design Software to TRW Design Wizard 5.0 Pro.

TRW Design Wizard 5.0 Pro is our most refined software yet, loaded with excellent features that assist you in running custom apparel and decal businesses. Including the ability to create custom mockups, quickly edit contoured texts, tweak, and create envelopes for creative arches, easily price products, and more! Tailored for your business, the TRW Design Wizard Software takes CorelDRAW an industry leading graphic design software and turns it into a full-featured, vector-based design software specifically for creating professional designs for your Custom apparel or decal business. Business owners that utilize heat transfer vinyl, sign vinyl, rhinestones, screen printing, sublimation, direct to garment, engraving, or embroidery can all benefit from the vast features included in the TRW Design Wizard. Think of this software as a collection of advanced time-saving tools that allow you to do things with CorelDRAW you never imagined possible.

  • One-Click Knock Out Designs - Create Knock-Out designs in a flash with the click-of-a-button to diversify your products.

  • Text Effects - Add and edit contours, easily add and remove effects, and save your custom envelopes for later use.

  • Pre-Set Place and Fill Settings - Save your favorite settings for easy access with any design.

  • Reverse Weed - Quickly create an inverse image of your design for different looks and stencil designs.

  • Mini-Mode Option - Save essential real estate in your workplace by using the Design Wizard mini-interface option.

  • Video Tutorials - Access video tutorials for every button on the design wizard interface.

  • Live Template and Clip Art Editor - Edit all of our TRW Live Templates in seconds for your project. Easily change all text, colors, fonts, and clipart images in just a few clicks.

  • Magic Re-Space - Auto adjust your design to have the perfect spacing between multiple objects or increase the number of stones to fill the selected path.

  • Expandable Font Section - Easily access all your fonts, filter by name, preview styles or add favorites for instant access.

  • Export to Cutter Software - Export directly to your GCC, Roland, Silhouette, or Graphtec cut software.

  • Advanced Cutting Features - Designed to make weeding on detailed designs quicker and easier.

  • Re-Size Workspace - Resize a workspace to fit perfectly around designs.

  • Split Design Offset - Easily create a split offset for button-down shirts and sports uniforms.

  • Magic Patterns - Create custom patterns, fonts and designs in seconds.

  • Magic Monograms - Stylize products by adding an elegant custom monogram that can be easily edited while designing.

  • Magic Separator with Vinyl Overcut - Create a mirrored, color-separated template with a slight overcut to simplify the weeding process.

  • Realistic Mock-ups - Offer customers realistic mock-ups of designs on shirts, accessories, or decals and create easy-to-use, detailed order forms.

  • Mock-Up Creator - Use this feature to create and save unlimited custom mock-ups. Use images of your own products to create color-changing mock-ups of the products you carry. Show customers exactly what they can purchase from you and build your own library of unlimited custom mock-ups using your products with our Mock-Up Creator tool.

  • Advanced Pricing Calculator - Create detailed pricing sheets to use internally for your business, or for customer use. Determine the cost of labor and materials with ease. Add your own vinyl or rhinestone colors and price them accordingly in the Wizard. This allows you to create to-the-penny cost calculation on your projects involving HTV, sign vinyl, and rhinestones.

  • 15 Bonus Fonts included - 11 unique Rhinestone Fonts, 1 Elegant Vector Font and 3 unique monogram Vector Fonts.

  • 30 Bonus Live Templates included - A Live Template is a unique vector word art CDR file designed specifically for use with TRW Design-Wizard-Software. Live Template make your creative process simple, allowing you to easily edit and change text within complex word art designs. When used in TRW-Design-Wizard a live template automatically adjusts to changes and variations in your text without distorting the base design.

  • System Requirements - Microsoft Windows 10/8/8.1, Windows 7 or Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit editions) – Internet connection required for initial software activation. TRW Design Wizard 5.0 Pro is compatible with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Versions: X7, X8, 2017, 2018, 2019 (PC Version), 2020, 2022, and 2023. You need to have a compatible version of CorelDRAW to run the TRW Design Wizard. Not Compatible with: Student or Educational Version of CorelDRAW.
How to Install the Design Wizard Video Tutorial

Video Guide - How to Activate your TRW Design Wizard Software

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