TRW Business Profit Calculator

TRW Business Profit Calculator

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The TRW Business Profit Calculator is the perfect tool to track your profits coming from your business!

  • This calculator tracks all of the costs for a job, managing your discounts - even in bulk, and suggesting the right retail/sale price based on these factors and your desired profit margin.
  • For each job, the calculator will break down per product and for the whole job the following:

    - Setup and design labor cost
    - Production time and cost
    - Business overhead cost
    - Expedited turnaround time cost
    - Materials cost (including production materials)
    - Blanks cost
    - Discounts (bulk and custom)
    - Retail and sale price
    - Customer savings
    - Product profit margin
    - Final business profit

    Please note: The TRW Business Profit Calculator is a .xlsx file and is compatible with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and newer. This product is not guaranteed to work with versions older than Excel 2007.

    In this video, Learn How to Use The TRW Business Profit Calculator

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