Siser EasySubli Mask Sheets

Siser EasySubli Mask Sublimation Mask 50 Count

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Siser EasySubli Mask  is ideal for aligning multi-piece or detailed designs using Easysubli HTV.

  • EasySubli Mask sheets are each 8" inches by 10" inches and sold as a pack of 50.
  • EasySubli Mask are a clear, silicone-based high tack tape exclusively compatible with Siser EasySubli HTV for sublimation applications.

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Siser EasySubli Heat Transfer Vinyl is ideal for creating multicolor vinyl decorations for fabrics. EasySubli sheets are each 8.4" inches by 11" inches and sold as a pack of 50.A sublimation printer and compatible inks are required to use EasySubli HTV. Siser has partnered with Sawgrass to create specialized printers and ink for EasySubli HTV. EasySubli will work with other sublimation printers and inks, but for best results, Siser recommends using the compatible Sawgrass sublimation printers and Sawgrass sublimation inks. Unlike traditional sublimation paper, EasySubli adheres to 100% cotton, and dark-colored fabrics, because it sits on top of the fabric rather than sinking into it. It also adheres to 100% polyester, poly/cotton blends, rayon, and light-colored fabric. Solid, single-piece designs can be peeled directly from the carrier sheet and positioned onto the garment. Multi-piece designs such as text that cannot be easily hand placed require Siser EasySubli Mask to align the design for final placement.
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