Silhouette Studio Designer Edition

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition

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Download the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and unlock all that Silhouette designing has to offer!

  • Silhouette Studio Designer Edition is the first paid software expansion update in the Silhouette Studio family, it includes more features which allow designers to import their own artwork either from another designing software or purchased elsewhere in an SVG format. Silhouette Studio Designer Edition also allows users to create new designs using an expanded variety of design tools and software features, such as cut by layer, trace by color, basic rhinestone tools, and glyph support. Silhouette Studio Designer Edition is made for the user who is just looking to get a little more out of their software, they have played with basic edition, sure its for them and would like to dive into the more advanced features offered by Designer Edition.

    Key Features

    Ability to import SVG files created in other programs
    Ability to convert shapes into rhinestone patterns
    Ability to convert shapes into sketch patterns
    Guides and rulers for ease of designing
    Advanced knife and eraser tools
    Eyedropper tool to transfer properties between shapes
    Adjustable pivot point rotation feature

Curious about the difference between Basic vs Designer vs Business Edition of Silhouette Studio? Click HERE

Note: This item is for a digital serial key, the serial key will be available in your account after purchase.

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