Silhouette Studio Basic Edition [Free Download]

Silhouette Studio Basic Edition [Free Download]

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Silhouette Studio Basic Edition is the free version of this software.  Silhouette Studio Basic Edition is ideal beginner crafters and designers beginner just starting out with vinyl cutting software. This software a perfect match for use with Silhouette vinyl cutters. Silhouette Studio Basic Edition is provided to you completely free with all of the tools necessary to get the ball rolling and allow you to start working with your new vinyl cutter. With this software you can easily make your own designs or use TRW's downloadable SVG designs.  Once you are comfortable working with the Free Basic Edition, TRW offers Designer and Business Edition software expansion update that will take your crafting to the next level.  With the basic edition you will be able to:

  • Import JPG, BMP, PNG files
  • Trace
  • Apply Image Effects
  • Access New Fonts
  • Create and Store an Image Library
  • Modify Designs (weld, divide, crop, subtract)


Curious about the difference between Basic vs Designer vs Business Edition of Silhouette Studio? Click HERE


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