Rhinestone Pick-Up Tool

Rhinestone Pick-Up Tool

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Pick and place with ease using the Rhinestone Pick-Up Tool!

  • The Rhinestone Pick-Up Tool is a wooden pencil filled with wax. It is used for repositioning both hot-fix and non-hot fix stones.
  • This tool is strong enough to pick up flatback, acrylic, diamond-cut or Swarovski stones as small as ss6 or as large as ss34.
  • To use, sharpen the pencil with standard pencil sharpener. Once sharpened, poke the sparkly, rounded side of the stone with the wax tip to form a secure grip. Lift the stone up, reposition and when it's in the desired spot, pry the wax tip off the stone to release.
  • This tool will not cloud your gems with a wax residue, leaving your rhinestones as sparkly as they started. 

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