Have you ever thought about starting a business from your own home using your Silhouette Cameo? With this free training, we will show you how to get started, from designing in the Silhouette Studios software, editing your design, getting it cut ready and sending the design to your vinyl cutter. Be sure to load your Adhesive vinyl face up on your mat, as the adhesive is on the back of the vinyl. Do NOT mirror designs when using Adhesive vinyl. We show you how to start your cut, share our hack to remove the vinyl from the mat without leaving a mess or having the decal curl on you. Removing the excess vinyl is called Weeding. If your design has particularly small details, doing what we call 'Reverse Weeding' helps to keep those tiny details in place. To do this, before you start weeding at all, apply your application tape or app tape to the face of the decal. App tape is what you or your customer will use to place the decal on whatever surface is being decorated. After the app tape is applied, flip the decal over, remove the protective paper backing and begin weeding the excess vinyl. The app tape acts like a carrier sheet on htv and holds the tiny pieces in place as you remove the excess vinyl. Reapply the paper backing, trim around the edges of the decal and you can present it to your customer!

The Rhinestone World carries many specialty vinyls in our ColorSpark line. We love the look of the ColorSpark Reflective Adhesive Vinyl, which has been very popular for both car window decals as well as tumblers! Sold in 5 foot rolls or in our Colorspark Reflective Adhesive Vinyl Craft Pack.