Purple Rhinestone Wrap - Maars 16oz Skinny Cup Included - Project Kit

Purple Rhinestone Wrap - Maars 16oz Skinny Cup Included - Project Kit

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This kit has the supplies to make 1 solid purple 16oz skinny Maars tumbler. 

You will need a craft cutter and heat press - not included.

This kit includes: 

1 Purple 16 oz Maars Skinny Cold Cup from Save A Cup

30 Gross of Tanzanite SS10 Korean Low Lead Hot-Fix Rhinestones (4,320 Rhinestones)

1 Foot of Siser Glitter Purple HTV - 20" Wide

Specialty Materials 
1 Foot of Magic Flock Rhinestone Template Material (12” wide)
1 Foot of HTV Anything (12” wide)
2 Feet of Rhinestone Hot Fix Transfer Tape (9.5” wide)

Cut-Ready Design Template for decorating a Maars 16oz Skinny Cup (SVG File Format)

Ready to start? 
Find a step by step tutorial here for creating your rhinestone cup. 

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