Mixed Shapes HotFix Rhinestones

Mixed Shapes HotFix Rhinestones

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Get a mix of different shapes and stone sizes in one with the Mixed Shape - Hotfix Mixed Bag!
  • Each bag includes approximately 1 gross rhinestones of different shapes of Hot-Fix Rhinestones. Accent (skulls, moon, stars, hearts, and bows)
  • Hot-fix stones are applied using a Heat-Press or household iron and will look great on shirts, bags, hats, pants, and other custom apparel. Hot-fix stones can also be combined with some of our other Heat-Transfer-Vinyl-Materials or Decal-Materials to create rhinestone decals for cars, laptops, tumbler cups, and more.  Always check the the user manual and safety recommendations for your Heat-Press before use.  Larger Hot-fix Rhinestones require slightly higher temperatures than smaller Hot-Fix Rhinestones.
  • For the Skull shapes we suggest using a heat setting of 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 seconds with a firm pressure. For all other shapes we suggest using a heat setting of 340 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 seconds with Medium/Firm pressure.

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