In this Live training, we will teach you to use our Christmas Scene Mega Bling - Rhinestone Design Download templates to personalize your shirt with different holiday scenes, adding as much sparkle and bling as you choose. This awesome design pack has several separate scene pieces, including single color designs and full color options, which gives you control over the total amount of rhinestones and cost involved in creating your Megabling shirt. You can use Hot-Fix Korean 5A Low Lead SS10 Rhinestones as well as our premium Hot-Fix Diamond Cut SS10 Rhinestones in your rhinestone designs.  Matt from The Rhinestone World teaches you to:
1. Select the rhinestone template and size it properly in your software to fit the ss10 rhinestones.
2. Peel the Magic Flock 12"x15' Foot Roll - Bonus Bundle template material from it's protective backing and place sticky side down, directly on your cutting mat.
3. If you are using a Graphtec or GCC vinyl cutter, no need to peel the backing off the Magic Flock. Simply load into your vinyl cutter.
4. Set the cut specs for the Magic Flock template material on your vinyl cutter. We list the Recommended Cut Specs for every vinyl cutter on our site under the FAQ.
5.  Send the cut file to your vinyl cutter. Peel the Magic Flock from the top left corner, leaving the sticky dots behind. These templates can be reused thousands of times, if you take care of it.
6. Place your rhinestone template on your work surface and pour a pile of ss10 hotfix rhinestones on top. Use a Rhinestone Brush - Monster and use gentle, large circles to brush the rhinestones into the template you've cut. The rhinestones will roll over each other, knocking upside down rhinestones out of the template and drop a right side up stone in it's place.
7. Use straight strokes to brush the excess rhinestones off of your template.
8. Hold the Acrylic Rhinestone Hot-Fix Transfer Tape 12" in a U shape and drop straight down on your rhinestone design. Brush across with your hand to press the tape to each stone. Lift and store on the white, bumpy plastic backing sheet. You can store your template on the other side of the white plastic backing sheet.
9. You've just made a rhinestone transfer. Remove the white plastic backing sheet and align your transfer to your shirt.
10. Using Medium/Firm pressure, press your rhinestone design at 325 degrees F for 15 seconds.
11. If your design is a Megabling design, requiring multiple presses over the entire shirt, press the initial designs for 6-8 seconds, to "tack" the rhinestones to the shirt. Over the course of pressing the entire design, the rhinestones will receive the full dwell time and temperature needed to liquify the heat-activated adhesive disc on the back.
12. If you are pressing to a thin shirt, be sure to either have a protective sheet inside the shirt or open the shirt directly after finishing your presses, to prevent the rhinestone adhesive from gluing your shirt closed.

Properly applied hotfix rhinestones can be washed and dried in the washing machine and dryer, as long as you do not use Fabric Softener or Laundry Scent Beads with your bling shirts.

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