Magic Scoop

Magic Scoop

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Clean up just got easier with the TRW Magic Scoop!

  • The TRW Magic Scoop is used to efficiently collect and store stones from your workstation. Faster clean up makes working with multicolored or multi-size rhinestone designs a breeze. 
  • As rhinestone professionals, we designed this tool to fill a void we noticed in the industry. Unlike other rhinestone scoops, the Magic Scoop has a removable cork at the end of the handle. This creates a funnel for stones to easily slide back into their storage container. 
  • To use, lay the scoop flat on your workstation. Using a rhinestone brush, push the stones into the large opening. Once all the stones are contained, lift up the scoop, making sure to hold it vertically while transporting. When ready to release the stones, hover the end of the handle above your rhinestone storage. Removing the cork will allow the rhinestones will funnel back into storage, leaving the scoop ready for it's next use. 
  • This tool is compatible with rhinestones as small as ss6 or as large as ss34. 

In this video, Matt gives a demonstration of the Magic Scoop. For tips, tricks, and craft ideas check out our library of TRW Tutorials and videos!

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