TRW Dino Print 2 Color A 2.2" Rhinestone TTF-Download

Jurassic Rhinestone Font OTF / TTF Design Instant Download

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Whether you are a movie lover, making t-shirts for a wildlife park, or have a profound love of extinct dinosaur; this Jurassic inspired rhinestone font it the prefect addition to your next crafting adventure. 

TRW's Dino Print 2 Color A Rhinestone Open Type Font instant design download was created with the crafting process in mind. Rhinestone Open Type Fonts (OTF), also known as True Type Fonts (TTF) are unique typeable fonts used to create stunning rhinestone designs. Once you download and install your new font, just type, size, and create your custom design with ease. This rhinestone font design allows you to create a reusable template using your craft cutter and Magic-Flock-Template-Material.  Simply download your font, cut your custom design into your Magic-Flock-Template-Material, then brush your rhinestones into place for beautiful heat transfers or custom decals. OTF and TTF files are the primary file format of fonts found in both Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems. OTF / TTF Fonts work extremely well in CorelDRAW-rhinestone-programs, Make the Cut, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, TRW-Design-Wizard, Oobling-Pro, Winpc-Sign, and many other popular design programs. All TRW Design are perfect for crafters and professional designers using Cricut, Cameo-Craft-Cutters, Graphtec-Cutters, and other vinyl-cutters. Once you purchase this rhinestone instant design download you will be able to download the design file from the "My Items" tab of your customer account.

This Dino Print 2 Rhinestone Open Type Font Instant Design Download Includes:

  • 1 Unique Open Type Font Design
  • This is a 2 Color Rhinestone OTF / TTF Font
  • File Type Included (.OTF, .TTF)
  • 26 - UPPERCASE letters
  • 10 - numbers
  • This design has a height of  2.2" when sized with SS10 Rhinestones.
  • Point Size need when using:
    • SS6 = 128
    • SS10 = 178
    • SS16 = 228
    • SS20 = 274
  • Template Hole Size need when using:
    • SS6 = .100"
    • SS10 = .135"
    • SS16 = .176"
    • SS20 = .212"

If using Cricut's Design Space software, follow this tutorial to resize the rhinestone font size.

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