Sometimes it seems everyone has a vinyl cutter and offers custom shirts. To make your designs stand out, mix the materials you normally decorate with to add interest and create unique finished products that your customers will want to buy!
One of our favorite materials to use is ColorSpark Flash Reflective htv. The finish is super soft and lightweight, so your designs don't feel heavy when wearing the shirt.  In regular daylight, the ColorSpark Flash Reflect has a matte-sheen. With ambient light, it takes on a different quality, where your eye can detect the reflective properties. With flash or headlights/Stadium lights--the design POPS!

The other incredibly awesome material that offers reflective properties is the ColorSpark Reflective Glitter HTV. This htv has a glossy smooth finish and the reflective glitter just elevates the normal sparkle found in other glitter htv. We've mixed the ColorSpark Reflective Glitter with Easyweed and the contrast of the materials enhanced the amazing reflective look of the Reflective glitter!

The Reflective Glitter's glossy finish can be affected by multiple presses. If you need to press a second time, cover the htv with a smooth protective cover sheet or keep it's carrier sheet to re-cover the htv to protect the glossy sheen. Both of the htv we use in this Live training press at a low of 305 degrees F for 15 seconds.