Creating multidec shirts, or shirts decorated with both heat transfer vinyl and rhinestones, is a great way to add value to your items as well as offer new and exciting designs to your custom apparel business!
Industry expert, Matt Vassallo from The Rhinestone World, teaches the steps to creating unique designs that you are able to cut with your craft vinyl cutter.
We cut the design in our Siser Glitter HTV  - remember to load this material pretty side Down in your vinyl cutter or on your cutting mat and to mirror your design. Heat Transfer Vinyl or htv, has the heat-activated adhesive on the back of the vinyl and the shiny carrier sheet on the pretty side. This carrier sheet holds the htv in-place as you cut and weed the excess vinyl, as well as helping you align the design to your shirt.
Heat your heatpress to 325 degrees F. If you don't have a heat press, the Pink Craft Heat Press is a fantastic little work horse of a press to start off with. Press the first layers of your design with a quick 2 second tack press, as htv shrinks with heat, peeling the carrier sheet after each tack. The final layer of any material gets full time (dwell) and temperature. Glitter htv is pressed at 325 degrees for 15 seconds.
Cut your rhinestone design into Magic Flock template material. We have the cut specs for each cutter on our website, under the FAQ section or here: 
Do not mirror the rhinestone design. Peel the paper backing and stick the Magic Flock directly to your sticky cutting mat. This will help with weeding out the tiny dots. After the cut is complete, peel from the corner to remove the dots and place your Magic Flock to your work surface. You are now ready to brush in your Hot-Fix Diamond Cut SS10 Rhinestones.
Pour a small pile of rhinestones onto your template. Pour more stones than you need, as the excess rhinestones help flip over any upside down rhinestones. Use a Rhinestone Brush - Monster  (or paint edger you may find locally at a hardware store) to gently brush in large circles to get the stones to fall into your template. Use gentle straight strokes to remove the excess stones from your template.
Use Acrylic Rhinestone Hot-Fix Transfer Tape 12" to apply to your rhinestone design. We like to hold the tape in a U shape and drop straight down onto the design. Smooth across the surface of the tape, pressing the stones to the tape with your hand. Lift the rhinestone design and use the Acrylic hotfix tape to align the design to your Tshirt on your press. Be careful to not apply hotfix rhinestones on top of any htv, as they can lift in the wash later. Press with medium-firm pressure at 325 degrees F for 15 seconds. Larger rhinestones, such as ss16 or ss20 require longer dwell and slightly higher heat for the heat activated glue disc on back to become liquified and pressed into the fibers of the shirt.