Hotronix Standalone Laser Alignment System

Stahls' Hotronix Heat Press Laser Alignment System

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Brand: Hotronix
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Accurately align your designs with the Heat Press Laser Alignment System.

  • The Laser Alignment System is compatible with any heat-press, regardless of manufacturer or model.
  • This portable tabletop unit has 4, independently adjustable, lasers to ensure accurate and consistent placement of designs.
  • The Laser Alignment Wizard is an included heavy-duty, spiral bound template that features 5 popular layout spots and rulers for custom placement.
  • This machine requires 18" inches of table space and includes a 6-foot electrical cord and A/C adapter.
  • To use this machine, simply turn on the lasers, place the wizard on the lower platen and manually adjust the lasers to match the lines.
  • The Laser Alignment System weighs 10 pounds with the dimensions of 21" inches x 13" inches x 5" inches.

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