Hotronix Heat Press Counter Caddie

Hotronix Heat Press Counter Caddie

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Brand: Hotronix
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Take advantage of the power and efficiency of Threadability with the Hotronix Counter Caddie Stand!

  • This heat press stand sits flat on the table or countertop, no assembly required. The recommended table height is 30". Compatible with any Hotronix Auto Open Clam, Hover press, or MAXX Clam heat press. Not compatible with the Hotronix Fusion IQ.
  • The Hotronix Counter Caddie Stand adds Threadability™ to compatible machines. Threadability™ allows you to load your garment onto the press and decorate the front, back or side without having to remove it from the platen.

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Make your next HTV project enchanting with ColorSpark UV Magic Color-changing HTV! Colorspark UV Magic Color-changing Heat Transfer Vinyl is light sensitive, making it a fun addition to all your to custom apparel and HTV designs. Simply step out into the light and the UV Magic HTV will change from white to color when exposed to sun or UV light. UV Magic Color-changing HTV has a Soft Matte finish with a Sparkling Glitter Effect when exposed to UV Lighting. Colorspark UV Magic is compatible with all craft cutters. UV Magic can be applied using heat press or hot iron, making it perfect for use on T-Shirts, fabrics, canvas, cotton, nylon, and more. Hang to dry. Do not dry clean. Sold as a 5 foot continuous roll, this Heat Transfer Vinyl is 10” inches wide. Please note, UV Magic HTV uses a Static carrier, not a sticky carrier as you may be used to. Small details will lift when weeding. We recommend slowing down your cut speed and adhering any lifted details with hotfix tape to apply with a second press after the main image has been applied to your apparel. UV sensitive and color changing materials are not intended for continuous long term exposure to direct light, they are designed for incremental exposure from indirect light sources where they have time to revert to their natural resting phase between exposure intervals. UV Magic HTV is a very unique material that differs from the regular UV Color Changing HTV in that once the UV light activates it gives a glitter shimmer that looks amazing. This material also has a static carrier sheet that can be a little more difficult to cut and weed. Larger less detailed designs are recommended for this material.
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