Hot-Fix Korean 5A Low Lead SS6 Rhinestones

Hot-Fix Korean 5A Low Lead SS6 Rhinestones

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Retail Price:$6.29
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5 - 9 bags of any color/s 20% Off
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50+ bags of any color/s 50% Off
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Brand: The Rhinestone World
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Make your designs shine with our high quality Korean Low-lead ss6 HotFix Rhinestones! 

  • Korean Low-lead Hot-Fix Rhinestones are made of beautiful low-lead glass featuring 8-11 machine cut facets, vibrant colors and an amazing shine, all at an affordable price. There are approximately 1440 stones per bag (10 gross).
  • Our high quality Korean Low-lead Hot-Fix Rhinestones are great for all businesses, hobbyists, and crafters looking to add a sparkling touch to any rhinestone-project.
  • Hot-Fix Rhinestones stones are applied using a Heat-Press or household iron and will look great on shirts, bags, hats, pants, and other custom apparel. Hot-Fix stones can also be combined with some of our other Heat-Transfer-Vinyl-Materials or Decal-Materials to create rhinestone decals for cars, laptops, tumbler cups, and more. Always check the the user manual and safety recommendations for your Heat-Press before use. Larger Hot-fix Rhinestones require slightly higher temperatures than smaller Hot-Fix Rhinestones. We suggest using a heat setting of 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds with Medium/Firm pressure when using ss6 Korean Low-lead Hot-Fix Rhinestones from TRW.
  • When cutting a template with a rhinestone-design or download file, you must make sure the circle sizes are set to .1" inches for ss6 sized Korean Low-lead Hot-Fix Rhinestones to ensure the stone will brush cleanly into the template.
  • Each color of Korean Low-lead Hot-Fix Rhinestones is sold as a single 10 gross bag of the color you selected. To order multiple colors add each color to your cart separately. Quantity discounts automatically apply when you add 5 or more bags of the same size and quality stone.
  • These stones are OEKO-TEX certified. Oeko-Tex (Sustainable Textile Production) is a worldwide certification system for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities in the textile and clothing industry.




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