Graphtec CE7000-40 15" Cutter

Graphtec CE7000-40 15" Cutter

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HOLIDAY WARRANY EXTENSION: Receive an additional 1 year warranty when purchasing this CE7000-40 machine between between November 14th, 2022 and December 30th, 2022. To redeem fill out the warranty form found here.

The Graphtec CE-7000-40 15" Machine Cutter is perfect for cutting HTV, adhesive vinyl, magic flock and our specialty materials! 

This machine has a max cutting speed of 1000mm per second and a cutting force up to 450 grams. Graphtec CE6000 Plus Series has a built-in front control panel that provides complete parameter control including eight preset cutting conditions. Advanced, easy to use features like tangential control mode, down force offset, pen up speed, blade wear monitoring and more. With a 25 pin RS-232C or the High Speed USB 2.0 control interface and a 3.7" Inch LCD screen, managing your cutting jobs is simpler than ever! 

Datalink Barcode
Contour & Die Cut
ARMS 8.0 (Advanced Registration Mark Sensor)
Network Connection
USB Offline Operation
Increased Production Speed
Built-In Convenient Tool Storage
Import from Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW without Converting the File


Maximum Cutting Area (W x L): 16" x 164" 
Guaranteed Accuracy Cutting area (W x L): 14" x 79" 
External Dimensions (WxDxH): Approx. 30.4" x 11.5" x 12.3"
Power Consumption: 120VA
Interface: USB 2.0, Ethernet
Minimum Character Size: 5 mm or .016"

45 Degree Graphtec Supersteel Blade
Blade Holder 
Power Cord
Pen Holder 
Fiber-Tip Water Based Pen
Roll Media Tray 
9.5ft USB Cable
Graphtec Cutting Master 4 Software
Graphtec Pro Studio Software

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