Did you know that you can make full glitter and rhinestone tumblers using your vinyl cutter?

The Rhinestone World has made templates for various popular tumblers and created a great way to make these stunning tumblers in a fraction of the time it would take to hand-crystallize one! In this video, Matt from The Rhinestone World , teaches the steps for creating your first rhinestone tumbler using hotfix rhinestones, Siser glitter HTV and Colorspark HTV Anything. One of the neat things about using our HTV Anything decal material is that you can break some of the typical rules for using glitter htv and rhinestones. Not only can you layer glitter on top of glitter htv with these decals or wraps, you can layer hotfix rhinestones on them, as well! Do NOT layer glitter htv or rhinestones on top of htv when decorating apparel.

Materials Needed:

First, let's prep your rhinestone transfer. Cut the rhinestone design into the Magic Flock Template material with your vinyl cutter. The Rhinestone World has even created CRAFTER Files for Cricut users, so the files will upload faster to Design Space.  The Magic Flock has a fuzzy surface and sticky back, which keeps the rhinestones from slipping underneath as you brush them into the template. Peel the protective paper backing off of your Magic Flock and stick the template material directly to your sticky cutting mat. This helps weed out the tiny dots after your template is finished cutting. Most of our wraps are designed using ss10 hotfix rhinestones. When cutting rhinestone templates, we size the ss10 rhinestones to .135" to make brushing the hotfix rhinestones into the transfer easier. The Hot-Fix Korean 5A Low Lead SS10 Rhinestones are an excellent introductory level rhinestone while the Hot-Fix Diamond Cut SS10 Rhinestones have superior facets and sparkle! Place your cut Magic Flock template sticky side down onto a hard work surface. A dry-erase board, portable chalkboard or even a large desk all work great! Pour a large quantity of rhinestones onto your template. A good rule of thumb is to use more rhinestones that you'll need for the design. The reason for this is the extra rhinestones help flip the rhinestones right side up in your template as you brush them into the template. Using a painting edger like the Rhinestone Brush - Monster, brush in large, gentle circles to get the rhinestones into the template. Any time you see rhinestones flipped over or empty spaces in the template, simply brush a small pile of rhinestones over the top to fill the holes and flip the rhinestones right side up. After you have filled all of the holes in the rhinestone template, use straight brush strokes to remove the excess stones from the surface of the template and to clear the area around the template. You can brush the rhinestones into a funnel or use the TRW Magic Scoop to help scoop up the excess rhinestones and easily pour them back into their container.

Remove the white, textured backing from the Acrylic Rhinestone Hot-Fix Transfer Tape 12" and hold the tape in a large U shape over your rhinestone design. The best advice for applying the Acrylic hotfix tape is to commit to picking up the rhinestones. In one straight, swift motion, lower the U directly down on top of your rhinestone template. Press down firmly and rub your hands across the surface of the tape, to adhere the rhinestones to the sticky surface.  Lift one edge of the tape and start pulling it back, lifting the rhinestones with it. If you see any rhinestones still in the template, simply lower the tape back down, press on the rhinestones with your thumb and you'll almost hear a 'click' as they adhere to the tape. Lift the tape with all of your rhinestones securely attached and replace on the white textured protective backing until you are ready to press to your item--in this instance, the glitter htv and HTV Anything wrap.

Cut a piece of HTV Anything from the ColorSpark HTV Anything 5ft Roll that is large enough to layer the full template on. Generally, we like to use about 15". The HTV Anything has a shiny side and a dull side. Place the HTV Anything Shiny Side up on your platen. For the lid and lid edge, cut the htv using your vinyl cutter. For the wrap, we've discovered using a larger piece of glitter htv and trimming with scissors after the rhinestones are pressed is easier than trying to align the rhinestones if you happen to shrink your htv.

Align glitter htv to the top of the HTV Anything and sandwich between two Protective Cover Sheet-18"x20". We like to use these sheets as they have a smooth surface and will not transfer a texture to your projects. Press the glitter heat transfer vinyl to the HTV Anything at 315 degrees F for only about 6 seconds. Remove the protective cover sheet and carefully remove the carrier sheet from the htv. These wraps or decals tend to hold onto the heat from your heat-press, so let it cool a bit before trying to remove the carrier.  Trim the excess Acrylic hotfix tape from your rhinestone transfer. The reason we do this is that if the Acrylic hotfix tape goes beyond the edge of the HTV Anything material, it will try to pull up the edges, making things a bit more difficult for you later.  Align the rhinestone transfer to the top of your glitter htv, again cover with the protective cover sheet and press. Hotfix ss10 rhinestones typically press at 325 degrees F for 15 seconds on apparel. For the Rhinestone portion of these wraps, we use 325 degrees F and press for 10 seconds. As mentioned, these wraps do tend to hold onto the heat, so we like to take a shirt and rub over the top of the pressed wrap to remove some of the heat before we pull the Acrylic hotfix tape.  After removing the tape, flip your wrap over and again, cover with the 2nd protective cover sheet and do a little "insurance press" for 5 seconds. This press makes sure the heat is getting to the back of the rhinestones and activating that bond between the adhesive and the glitter htv.  Use the Rhinestones as a guide to trim around the glitter htv with a pair of scissors.

The adhesive on the back of the HTV Anything is incredibly strong, so we like to do a "wet application", to give us some wiggle room when applying these wraps to tumblers and lids. We also like to peel the backing off of the wrap, trim away a small section of the center of the protective backing and reapply the edge pieces. This prevents the entire wrap from sticking before we make sure it's completely lined up. Lightly spray the surface of the cup or lid and align the wrap. Until you push down and work the water out from behind, you can make slight adjustments, to get the wrap aligned perfectly. For the cup lid edge, we don't use a wet application. We like to use our left index finger as a guide along the top of the lid, moving and wrapping as we go. Then use our right thumb to push down on the rhinestones and glitter, to help secure them to the edge of the lip.

We have also found using a tiny bit of adhesive at the seams really helps to finish off our project. Add a tiny bit of SuperTite Fusion Tack Glue to the cup or lid edge before pressing the edges down. Let the cup and lid cure 24 hours before handling it or washing it.

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