Diamond-Cut Rhinestone Bling Sheets

Diamond-Cut Rhinestone Bling Sheets

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Diamond-Cut Rhinestones Bling Sheets  require no equipment to use and have limitless possibilities.

  • Premium Diamond-Cut Rhinestone Bling Sheets are ready-made adhesive rhinestone sheets, with approximately 18,500 SS6-Rhinestones per sheet. The beautiful Diamond-Cut glass crystal rhinestones feature 12-14 machine cut facets per stone.
  • Bling Sheets come in a variety of unique colors and patterns, that are ready to use. Just cut your bling sheet to shape, peel off the protective backing, and stick your bling-to-anything!
  • Each Bling Sheet is a single 9 x15 inch sheet, designed with premium Diamond-Cut Rhinestones and an easy to use industrial grade easy peel and stick adhesive back.
  • The easy to use Bling Sheet can be cut with scissors, razor blades, or any basic cutting device. While Bling sheets cannot be cut with your craft-cutters, they are ideal for making bling-wraps for all your crafting equipment!
  • These dazzling Bling Sheets are ideal to decorate hard, non-porous surfaces. Not to be used on apparel. Not safe for washing machines or dishwashers.
  • Using Bling Sheets saves time and money! Compared to purchasing 18,500 Diamond-Cut-ss6-Rhinestones and hand placing them on a 9 x 15 inch vinyl sheet, pre-made Bling Sheets can save you upwards of 70%.

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