Decorating baby and toddler items with rhinestones sounds like it'd be super cute, but with the risk of a choking hazard, we steer clear of blinging baby items. Instead, we've created Baby Bling...decorating with htv to simulate rhinestones!
The benefit of using htv is you can still use the same rhinestone design or patterns, but now you can stretch them bigger or shrink them down to fit different sizes. Baby Bling isn't just for babies! Adults can sport this super sparkly look and enjoy the sparkle without wearing full rhinestone designs.

To create Baby Bling, download any of the rhinestone designs or fonts from The Rhinestone World and mirror the templates before sending to your vinyl cutter. Remember, you can resize htv designs to fit bigger or smaller shirts or onesies, which will make your simulated rhinestone dots bigger or smaller.

One of the most popular materials to use for Baby Bling is the ColorSpark Soft Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl - Silver heat transfer vinyl. This beautiful, shiny htv presses at a low of 300 degrees F for 8 seconds. Since this is a cool peel, remember to let it cool completely before you remove the carrier sheet. 

One of our favorite designs for Baby Bling is this Princess Baby Bling Design. Remember, since you are cutting heat transfer vinyl, load your material into your cutter shiny side or pretty side down and mirror the design before you cut. This is because the heat-activated adhesive is on the back of the htv. With Baby Bling, when you have your cut specs dialed in properly, you should be able to do a one-pull weed to remove the excess htv. We have our recommended cut specs for our ColorSpark vinyl for the Cricut and Cameo cutters here:

Baby Onesies have extra seams at the shoulders, which can throw off your pressure. We use a small Heat Press Pillow - 5.5" x 5.5" or foam core board slipped inside of the onesie to lift the pressing area up and away from the seams.

Creating fun and sparkly, unique items for babies is a great way to enjoy using your vinyl cutter. 
As always, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us! Our phone number is 941-755-1696 and we can also be reached through Social Media or via email at [email protected]