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Make your craft vinyl decals last longer in harsh conditions with ColorSpark Vinyl Shield. Vinyl Shield is clear mask material with an adhesive back that offers a shield of protection when applied over non-textured surfaces. It is hand applied to finished decals to prolong the life of your vinyl. It is never applied with heat making it the best vinyl for tumblers and plastic cups. Ideal for using over opal and metallic vinyl’s to prevent scratches. Vinyl Shield’s protective layer has built in UV protection to minimize fading and will make your decal vinyl dishwasher safe. ColorSpark Vinyl Shield is an exclusive, specialty material that when layered on top of vinyl decals makes them dishwasher safe, scratch resistance and protected from UV damage. Vinyl Shield can be cut with scissors or contour cut with a Craft-Cutter before being layer on top of your vinyl decal. Use Vinyl Shield with untextured Adhesive-Vinyl's that are applied to smooth, flat, hard surfaces such as cars, cups and electronics 

Check out our video on the differences between ColorSpark Vinyl Shield, HTV Anything, and Bling Anything

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ColorSpark HTV Anything Decal Material is a game changer for sticker lovers! Easily turn Heat Transfer Vinyl designs into peel and stick decals for customers or personal use. ColorSpark HTV Anything is an exclusive, specialty material that turns regular heat transfer vinyl dishwasher safe sticker decals. This specialty material can be cut with scissors or contour cut with a Craft-Cutter before the HTV is adhered to the HTV Anything material using a Heat-Press, easy-press or iron. Finished decals can be applied to smooth, flat, hard surfaces such as cars, cups and electronics. ColorSpark HTV Anything Decal Material is sold as a a 12” inch wide x 5 foot long roll.
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