ColorSpark Bling Anything Decal Material

ColorSpark Bling Anything Decal Material

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ColorSpark Bling Anything Decal Material is a game changer for rhinestone lovers! Easily turn rhinestone designs into dazzling peel and stick decals for customers or personal use.

  • Bling Anything can be cut with scissors or contour cut with a Craft-Cutter before the rhinestones are attached using a Heat-Press, easy-press or iron.
  • Finished rhinestone sticker decals can be applied to smooth, flat, hard surfaces such as cars, cups and electronics.
  • ColorSpark Bling Anything Decal Material is 12” inches wide and sold by the foot. When more than 1 foot is ordered it is shipped as a single, continuous piece. Orders of 10 or more feet are shipped on a roll.

Check out our tutorial for Bling Anything!

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