Flatback Rhinestones

Flatback Rhinestones do not require a heat press. Flatback Rhinestones adhere to your finished product using an additional adhesive, like SuperTite Fusion Tack Glue, SuperTite-Grab360 Glue, or SuperTite Universal Eco Glue. Quality flatback rhinestones have a thin silver backing that needs adhesive to connect the rhinestones to your finished product. There are different coatings that can be found on flatback rhinestones. When looking for quality flatbacks, purchase rhinestones with a brushed silver backing over ones with a shiny silver backing. The brushed backing has a small amount of texture allowing the glue to adhere better to your finished product. 

flatback rhinestones

Material needed to use Flatback Rhinestones



fusion tack glue


3cc Syringe 5 Pack and 20g Tips 10 Pack


Crystal Katana Rhinestone Tool

Hot-fix Rhinestones

hot fix rhinestones

Hot-fix Rhinestones are used in conjunction with a crafting heat press. Hot-fix Rhinestones are made with a glue covered disk on the back of the Rhinestone. This special Hot-fix adhesive adheres the rhinestone to fabric, or other specialty heat transfer materials once heat is applied. Always refer to the application setting for your particular stones and heat press for best results. Most Hot-fix Rhinestones can be applied at 325 degree Fahrenheit for 15 seconds, cool, peel and press again for 5-10 seconds.  The 2nd press sets the stones and helps remove any l lifting that may happen when removing the sticky transfer tape. 

Material needed to use hot-fix Rhinestones

heat presses

Heat Press

vinyl cutters

Vinyl cutter

hot fix tape

Hot-fix Tape

Magic Flock

Magic Flock



magic scoop

Magic Scoop

Hot-fix Rhinestuds


Hot-fix Rhinestuds are also known as  Octagons. Hot-fix Rhinestuds are a low-cost alternative to glass hotfix rhinestones. unlike rhinestones the hotfix Rhinestuds are made from a solid lightweight thin metal with a metallic-like finish. Hot-fix Rhinestuds are coated with their desired color or finish and do not reflect light in the same shimmering way that a true glass rhinestone does. Hot-fix Rhinestuds are used in conjunction with a crafting heat press and are are made with a glue covered disk on the back of the Rhinestud. This special Hot-fix adhesive adheres the rhinestud to fabric, or other specialty heat transfer materials once heat is applied.

Types of Rhinestones

AB Rhinestones

The AB next to the rhinestone color stands for Aurora Borealis, named after the Northern Lights. AB Rhinestones are made of glass and are best known for having a beautiful array of  blues, greens, reds, and violets that create a dazzling display much like you see in the sky. AB Rhinestones offer shimmering rainbows of color, the unique AB coating allows the stone to change appearance subtly depending on the surface  it sits on and the angle from which you see it.

AB rhinestones

Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones

Swarovski is a name brand of Diamond-Cut glass Rhinestones. The Swarovski company is best know for manufacturing upscale jewelry and finished products using glass rhinestones in place of natural diamonds. 

swarovski crystal

Diamond Cut Rhinestones

Diamond-Cut Hot-fix Rhinestones are made from premium glass crystal featuring 12-14 machine cut facets in each stone. They are sold in several sizes and varieties. Diamond cut stones refract light resulting in vibrant colors and an amazing shine. Diamond-Cut stones are available as both hotfix and flatback loose stones, as well as full rhinestone sheets. Diamond cut stones are OEKO-TEX certified .  

diamond cut rhinestone

Korean Low Lead Rhinestones

Korean Low-lead Hot-fix Rhinestones are made of beautiful low-lead glass featuring 8-11 machine cut facets, vibrant colors and an amazing shine. These stones are OEKO-TEX certified. OEKO-TEX (Sustainable Textile Production) is a worldwide certification system for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities in the textile and clothing industry.korean low lead rhinestones

Rhinestone Color Chart

How to Create your own Colorchart  Print quality and digital screens will often change the way colors look online. For the best color matching it is always reccomended that you reference real rhinestones for variations in colors and size. DIY your own color matching createchart for each type and size of rhinestone or rhinestud you purchase. To create your own Rhinestone Color Chart simply print the TRW color chart on cardstock and glue one rhinestone to the chart for each color and size you purchase. Each time you purchase a new color from The Rhinestone World simply add the new color to your personal chart. 

Free Template Download

Rhineston Color Chart