Layer vinyl with Lint Roller - Hack

Choosing Your Lint Roller

Clear Lint Roller

By choosing a clear Lint Roller, you can easily see through the vinyl and line up your layers. 

ling clear hack

How to Use


Step 1

Tear off a sheet from the lint roller and place it on the vinyl.


Step 2

Use your squeegee and run over it a few times to ensure the vinyl transfer to the lint sheet.


Step 3

Tear off the backing of the vinyl.


Step 4

Use parchment paper and place it between the vinyl to align the designs without getting them stick to each other.


Step 5

Once the vinyl are aligned nicely, remove the parchment paper and slide the squeegee to transfer the vinyl and avoid bubbles.


Step 6

Tear off the backing of the decal and apply it to your tumbler. You are done.