TRW Design Wizard 4.0

TRW Design Wizard 4.0

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We loaded the TRW Design Wizard®? 4.0 with the same great features as its predecessor but it packs a new punch. We blew the doors off mock-ups, giving you the ability to control product color, brightness, and more with the new feature: Mock-Up Creator. Save space by utilizing the new Mini-Mode option. This feature resizes the Design Wizard interface to 1/5th its original size! We've also put a lot of work into strengthening the Design Wizard's new Advanced Pricing Calculator, allowing for a much more detailed method of keeping track of project costs.

What's New?

Mock Up AMock Up Mobile AMock Up bMock Up Mobile C

For more information on the TRW Design Wizard® 4.0, call us at 941-755-1696 or email us at

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