SuperTite Multi-Grab 360

SuperTite Multi-Grab 360

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Multi-Grab 360 Adhesive

One of the strongest glues on the market, comparable in strength to some of the best glues available at local craft shops. The biggest difference: no harmful chemicals. This glue is solvent-based and cures much faster than our other two SUPERTite bonds. The strength of the resin allows this glue to be ideal for vertical stone placement. Gravity will have little to no effect on the stones and they should not shift while the adhesive dries. Once dried, this glue is water resistant (so splash away!).

Quick Tips:

Allow 2 minutes of open air before applying stones for strongest bond.

This glue won’t cure in the syringe, so you can take your time with your project.

2-5 min air time before placing stones is ideal.

Dishwashing should be done with caution, especially with high-end products. It is recommended to wash by hand to prevent any issues.

Recommended use:

Metal, magnet, plastics (hard or flexible), fabric, textiles, glass, ceramic, rubber, wood

Projects: Anything!


  1. Protect work area from spills. Clean, dry and roughen surfaces to be bonded in a well ventilated space. 
  2. While holding the tube, twist open the cap counter clockwise. DO NOT HOLD THE TUBE TOWARDS FACE OR DOWNWARDS. 
  3. Apply a small thin amount to each of the surfaces to be bonded. Wait 2 minutes, then press surfaces together and hold for 30 seconds. Adjust as necessary if the bond is not in line. The longer the open time, up to 10 minutes, the stronger the bond. Allow 24 hours for cure time.
  4. Clean excess or uncured adhesive with a small amount of acetone. To keep this glue working in top-condition, wipe a small amount of petroleum jelly onto the cap threads on the nozzle and cap screwed onto the nozzle as soon as the glue application is completed. Keep in a dark, dry place. 

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