Rhinestone Projects

Great ideas to start a rhinestone business


Decals can be applied to anything with a flat smooth surface. This is a great project for adding a little bling to phone cases, laptops, tumbler cups, and much more.

How to Make Rhinestone Decals

Tutorials for some projects

car decal

Car Decals

tumbler decal

Tumbler Decals

Rhinestone Wrap

Wrapping rhinestones around any item is a unique way to add bling to your daily life.  

rhinestone wraps

Tutorials for some projects

tumbler wraps

Tumbler Wrap

cutter wrap

Cutter Wrap

Custom Designs on Apparel

Rhinestone designs are great to apply on apparel. A way to bring bling to t-shirts, masks, hats, pillow cases and much more. These merchandise are great for starting your business.


Tutorials for some projects



rhinestone mask




Hand Placed Rhinestones

Other than using hot-fix rhinestones, you can always hand placed your rhinestones using flatback rhinestones and glue. These projects are best for shoes, heels or helmet. There are no particular tutorial for these, simply apply glue and slowly place the rhinestones one by one.

flatback shoe
rhinestone heels