Start a rhinestone business with your silhouette cameo

making a rhinestone face mask using a silhouette cameo cutter

Material used in the video

vinyl cutter

Vinyl Cutter

heat press

Heat press

Hot fix tape

Hot fix tape

magic flock

Magic Flock

crystal rhinestone

Crystal rhinestones

crystal rhinestone

Cutting Mat





monster brush

 Rhinestone brush

rhinestone .svg

.SVG file


step 1

Step 1

Bring .SVG rhinestone file to Silhouette Software

step 2

Step 2

Cut out the Magic Flock. Recommended cut setting for cameo:
Blade depth: 6
Force: 30
Speed: 10
Passes: 2

step 3

Step 3

Stick the Magic Flock on the table and brush rhinestones on the template.

step 4

Step 4

Use hot fix tape to transfer the rhinestones.

step 5

Step 5

Cut the foam and insert it under the mask to get an evenly press.

step 6

Step 6

Place the hot fix-tape rhinestone transfer on the face mask.

step 7

Step 7

Set heat press to 325°F and press with medium pressure for 15 secs.

step 8

Step 8

Remove hot fix tape 

step 9

Step 9

You are done.

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