Making the coolest can cooler you ever seen

Using colorspark HTv and dishwasher safe


vinyl cutter

Vinyl Cutter

heat press

Heat Press

flash reflective

Flash Reflective HTV

glow in the dark

Glow in the Dark HTV

htv anything

HTV Anything

magic weed edge

Magic Weed Edge

cover sheets

Cover Sheets

can coolers

Can cooler


Step 1

Step 1

Set up your design file ready for cut. Load vinyl into the cutter and cut out all the designs.

Cut Settings
step 2

Step 2

Weed out your designs.

step 3

Step 3

Place the Rainbow Flash Reflect HTV on the shiny side of the HTV Anything. 

step 4

Step 4

Place the cover sheet over and under the vinyl. If you are using a cricut easy press remember to add a soft foam in between the vinyl and the table to protect the table from heat damage.

step 5

Step 5

Set your heat press to 305°F and press for 8 sec. 

step 6

Step 6

Peel out the carrier sheet. 

step 7

Step 7

Layer your glow in the dark HTV on top of the pressed vinyl.

step 8

Step 8

Add cover sheets over and under the vinyl and press for 10 sec at 305°F.

step 9

Step 9

Peel out the carrier sheet.

step 10

Step 10

Place the can cooler on a cup holder.

cup holder tutorial
step 11

Step 11

Peel out the backing of the finished decal.

step 12

Step 12

Apply the finished decal on the can cooler and you are done.

finished can cooler