Halloween MagA Bling T-shirt

includes over 7,000 rhinestones


vinyl cutter

Vinyl Cutter

Heat Press



svg design

.SVG design

magic flock

Magic Flock

hot-fix tape

Hot-fix Tape

monster brush

Monster Brush

cover sheets

Cover Sheets


Step 1

Use a vinyl cutter and cut out all the designs on the Magic Flock material.

step 1

Tips: To save some Magic Flock materials, in the design software, add all the same color designs together in one template and cut them out. Each design could be separate with scissors before pressing on the t-shirt.

step 1 tips

Step 2

Stick the magic flock template on the table and brush rhinestones on.

step 2

Tips: To save time, stick all the magic flock template of the same color on the table and brush them all at once, or brush the ones with the same colors first.

step 2 tips

Step 3

Place hot-fix tape on top of the rhinestones, press firmly to transfer.

step 3

Tips: If you want to save some hot-fix tape material, cut a bigger piece of the hot-fix tape to fit the biggest magic flock template. Then reuse it and cut it down for smaller design parts. Hot-fix tape can be reuse a few times.

step 3 tips

Step 4

Set heat press to 325° F and press for 15 secs.

step 4

Tips: If you are layering 2 rhinestone colors for a design, reduce the press time to 8 secs for the first color press and a full 15 secs for both colors.

step 4 tips

Step 5

Remove the Hot-fix tape and you are done with one design.

step 5

Tips: Never press rhinestones directly on the heat press, make sure to add cover sheets on top to protect the stones that doesn't have hot-fix tape covered on them.

step 5 tips

Step 6

Repeat step 2 to step 5 to finish the t-shirt.

step 6step 6
front t-shirt
back t-shirt