Diamond Cut Hot-Fix Crystal-AB SS10 Rhinestones 10-Gross

Diamond Cut Hot-Fix Crystal-AB SS10 Rhinestones 10-Gross

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2 - 4 $13.49
5 - 9 $12.49
10+ $11.49
These Diamond Cut Rhinestones are slightly bigger in diameter than the Korean low lead rhinestones so they will not brush in properly to our pre-cut templates. When using these rhinestones with a download file, you must first resize the stones to 0.135”.

With quality that rivals other top rhinestones, these Diamond Cut Rhinestones are great for all businesses, hobbyists, and crafters. The stones can be applied with a professional heat press or a household clothes iron and look great on shirts, bags, car decals, phones, laptops, belts, sunglasses, pants, etc.

These Rhinestones are machine cut to have a beautiful shine for a minimal price! TRW low lead crystals have been tested by the manufacturer to meet the requirements of lead content under 100ppm. These stones are Oeko Tex certified. TRW did not test these stones and the PPM is based solely on the manufacturer’s testing. Official test results are available upon request.

Documentation and Download File
We've provided some nifty resources for you to refer to when using your vinyl cutter, rhinestones, and heat press.

Notes and Disclaimers
*All gross stones are packaged by weight and stone count will vary per bag. Gross numbers are a weight estimate.

**CHOKING HAZARD: Loose rhinestones and other small objects represent a choking hazard to children and pets. Do not allow children or pets access to these items.

***LEAD WARNING: Korean, Chinese, and other lead crystal rhinestones from other suppliers may contain LEAD. Do not allow children to place rhinestones in or near their mouths. Handle all crystal rhinestones with care and inspect for chips or breakage before each wearing. Broken crystals may cause cuts, scratches or other injury. Loose crystals that are small enough to be swallowed may represent a choking hazard to children and pets. Do not allow children or pets to play with Rhinestones. Please note that Korean Lead Crystal components, China lead crystal components and lead crystal components from other manufacturers contain lead.

****CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS - PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Consuming foods or beverages that have been kept or served in leaded crystal products or handling products made of leaded crystal will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.

*****May not be safe for children 12 and under. New 'Lead Laws' advise not to use items, garment, toys, etc., for use and/or consumption. By applying these rhinestones with lead composites, you are taking full liability. Not recommended for baby onesies, bibs, or any garments/clothing that a child may put into their mouth. Do not apply to garments for children 12 and under.

Please contact us with any question you may have.